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Madagascar : Tulear deprived of water for the New Year

Madagascar : Tulear deprived of water for the New Year
The coastal town of Tulear, in the south-west of Madagascar, is affected by the lack of running water for a few weeks. Thus, the inhabitants lived a nightmarish New Year’s day without water.  

The Jirama, company in charge of water services on the Big Island, is facing a wave of discontent amongst the local people, as relates.  
"Throughout my life, I have never encountered such a mishap, the first day of the year... Our entire program has been upheaval, as for the family meal, which was to begin at noon, had to be postponed to 3 p.m., the time to seek and fetch water everywhere to prepare dishes",
summarizes an angry resident.

The Jirama experienced serious disturbances on its network at Tulear. As result of the high temperatures of the austral summer and without substantial rainfall to supply reservoirs, water distribution in Tulear may not improve in the days to come.

Antso Rajaona

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