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Madagascar: Tourism birds with bird watchers restarts

The tours, offering a discovery of birds of Madagascar, restart.
Even though they are more expensive in terms of budget, more and more Anglo-Saxon ornithologists, Americans and British, do not hesitate to pay these specific trips called "Birdwatching".

At the heart of the Big Island, these scientists dive tourists in October and November for a couple of days of total immersion, and are endeavoring to enhance their knowledge of the rare species of birds of Madagascar.
284 bird species are currently listed in Madagascar, of which 80% are endemic, as related by the site
"This is a product that attracts affluent tourists mainly ornithologists. They include Anglo-Saxon origin, the majority are Americans and English", says Naina Raharijaona, director of an agency that specializes in this type of service in the Big Island.
Naina Raharijaona, nature enthusiast, working with researchers and university professors, to make these expeditions Malagasy site (Andasibe, Masoala Ankarafantsika, complex Mahavavy-Kinkony, Ifaty, Berenty and Nosy Ve) real practical work in ornithology.

Antso Rajaona

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