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Madagascar: Ticks threaten the cattle industry

Madagascar: Ticks threaten the cattle industry
The National Center of Applied Research for Rural Development (FOFIFA) of Madagascar, after extensive studies, warns against ticks that threaten the entire cattle industry, with possible heavy economic losses to the industry in the long term.

Imported animals could include decimated to 100%, say researchers of FOFIFA and the rate would drop to 35% for zebu of Madagascar.

Swarming in all regions of the Big Island, ticks bite animals and transmit deadly diseases to cattle, as related
The attacks of these parasites also cause abnormal growth of cattle in Madagascar.
A drop in milk production is also recorded as the breasts are hit hard by ticks.
To cope with the proliferation of ticks in cattle in Madagascar, biological control solutions are being studied in an attempt to eradicate pests in the Big Island.

Antso Rajaona

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