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Madagascar: The strong suspicion of plague in the east of the Island may severely impact the tourism sector

While the strong suspicion is now around 8 deaths recorded and several emergency hospitalizations due to pneumonic plague that has infiltrated the Moramanga District in the east of the Island, it is the economic pillar of Madagascar which was hit hard by the bad news.

"The high season is hanging on a thread, it will totally collapse if the situation is not controlled," says worriedly a professional in the tourism sector to the newspaper L'Express de Madagascar.

"We cannot encourage customers to come, because although Moramanga is only a small part of Madagascar, this news will spread. The consequences generated ... on tourism, will be inevitable. The cancellation of booking is one of our worries. Tourists will change the destination, in addition, some tourists will return home. What's worse is that the new season will also be affected if the epidemic spreads, "he says.
The Malagasy tourism authorities wanted early in the year 2015 to exceed the symbolic threshold of 300,000 tourists.
In 2014, about 220,000 tourists visited Madagascar, far from the 400,000 travelers registered in 2009. As a reminder, 255,942 tourists were accommodated in Madagascar in 2012, nearly 29% went to the island of Nosy Be, and about 198 816 visitors have traveled to the Island in 2013.


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