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Madagascar: The rickshaws make resistance against the taxis be

Face to the lines of taxis-be which have extended their service in the southern region of Tananarive with projects already filed in this sense, the shooters about twenty rickshaws that operate between the Andoharanofotsy and the Malagasy capital, through villages Volotara, Mahalavolona, Ambohimanala, Ankazo, Bevalala Ambohijanaka, worried about the possible arrival of the new head competition.

"We make live a hundred people every day. If this project goes ahead, we will block the entrance to the village," warns the outset a rickshaw puller.
For some users, this is a whole section of Malagasy heritage in the region in danger of disappearing.
"The rickshaw is part of the heritage ... If the taxi-be enters the villages, we will witness the disappearance of this heritage. Based on my knowledge, the common Andoharanofotsy is one of the few municipalities still officially used this means of human transportation ... especially since it is a more environmentally friendly than taxis be means of transport, "said a user who lives Ankazo.

In contrast, some residents Volotara, the high price of the rickshaw so annoyed that in the same time, only two taxis provide Ankadivoribe be binding the capital via Andoharanofotsy, as indicated by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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