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Madagascar: The rice industry threatened by poor harvest announced

Madagascar: The rice industry threatened by poor harvest announced
While the rice harvest began on 15 May, the President of the platform for dialogue and Control on the line, Andry Rakotovao, is pessimistic about the coming harvest in terms of tonnage.

A sharp decline in rice production is considered because of the rain that lacked to supply rice, during the austral summer in some areas where crops are usually abundant.
A third of rice has not been grown in the region of Alaotra-Mangoro, in the province of Tamatave, in eastern Madagascar.
Rice fields in the region of Alaotra-Mangoro whose attic of Madagascar Ambatondrazaka can produce in one season more than 340,000 tons of rice on nearly 50,000 hectares of irrigated rice, 10% of the Malagasy production.

To recap, the rice "makalioka" used in rice fields is a variety of long cycle, which results in a necessary water intake over a prolonged period.
In addition, the invasion of locusts that now threatens two-thirds of the territory of Madagascar, by the end of September will have a negative impact on the rice industry in the Big Island.

Antso Rajaona

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