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Madagascar: The potato under the threat of a dangerous fungus

Madagascar: The potato under the threat of a dangerous fungus
Local producers of potatoes in Madagascar are experiencing difficult days, with the proliferation caused during the rainy season by a fungus, mildew, known under the scientific name Phytophthora infestans.
The fungus destroys the vegetables within a few days making them unsuitable for consumption. Andramasina locality in the region of Antananarivo is being hit hard by mildew, which greatly reduces the yields.
"The stalk of the plant deteriorates, and the tubers have a bad taste. Due to this disease, we cannot preserve them longer than 24 hours while the performance is already down. If the yield per hectare is ten tons, now it is no more than six or five tons, or almost half", says, site, a farmer on his victim of mildew potato plantations in the region Andramasina.
To eradicate the disease, a selection of potatoes is done by sorting and then the healthy vegetables are then planted on land not yet infected by mildew.
The direction of the Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar begins work also mobilize all stakeholders in the sector, through various workshops information for large-scale pest control against the spread of mildew.

Antso Rajaona

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