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Madagascar: The police chase the merchants of firecrackers

Madagascar: The police chase the merchants of firecrackers
Three weeks of the Malagasy National Day on 26 June and the 53th anniversary of the independence of Madagascar, the police decided to track down the sellers of firecrackers.

Hawkers sell on their makeshift stalls valuable goods on the pavement.

For particular acts of banditry in the Big Island, firecrackers are however strictly forbidden to sell, as marks the site

"People are sensitized that it is forbidden to sell and throw firecrackers. If merchants persist, the police will conduct an inspection of the markets to confiscate firecrackers and arrest the dealers, because if they do not respect the law ", has warned the chief commissioner, Germain Ratsirombahina.

For some people, the ban is welcomed with satisfaction.

"The law enforcement must demonstrate severity to prevent these firecrackers to explode everywhere. We do not know if it's a bomb or a firecracker," said a mother who wants to celebrate the National Day of her country in calm.

Antso Rajaona

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