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Madagascar: The exploitation of mangrove crabs relaunced in the Island

After two months of provisional suspension by the Malagasy government, the exploitation of mangrove crabs has recently been relaunched in Madagascar with the consent of the authorities.
However, to protect the existence of mangrove crabs and prevent overexploitation of resources in the Island, new rules will soon be written down by the Malagasy Ministry of Fisheries Resources and Fisheries.
Exporters should mangrove crab thus manage farms operating.
However, the construction of these farms in the mangrove forest is prohibited.
Exporters will also have installations in accordance with sanitary regulations.
As a reminder, 2 tons in 2009, 800 tons in 2013 and already 1,400 tons at half of 2014: the export of live crab has thus been exploded in recent years in Madagascar.

Nuzhah Mungly

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