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Madagascar: The endemic Pochard duck of Madagascar endangered

Madagascar: The endemic Pochard duck of Madagascar endangered
Diving duck, the Pochard of Madagascar, endemic goose of the island is threatened with extinction in the North of the island, due to lack of food in the Lake on which the species in danger fled.
A study published by the journal Bird Conservation International reveals that only 25 specimens in the wild have been identified.
Few chicks who come to the world die within two to three weeks after their birth.
As a reminder, the Pochard duck of Madagascar eats seeds of aquatic plants and invertebrates that rely on the fund of the Lakes.
"But the Lake around which they are established is too deep for them. Just the absence of humans which explains the choice of this environment little suited to the Canvasback ", as reminds the magazine Sciences et Avenir

Antso Rajaona

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