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Madagascar: The discharge channel of wastewater at Andriantany in Tananarive clogged with waste and not cleaned by lack of funds

One of the evacuation channel located in the Northwest of the Malagasy capital, Tananarive, is in a pitiful state and wastewater flow more freely because of household waste that obstruct the evacuation of Andriantany channel and the presence of invasive water hyacinth.
The construction of houses on the canal have amplified the phenomenon criticized by the local population for several weeks.

Faced with the danger to sanitary, despite their futile attempts to clean, people denounce the growing inadequacy of Andriantany channel and challenge local authorities so that they can respond quickly, as indicated by the newspaper Express of Madagascar.

"Managers should do something. If the level of the water hyacinth continues to rise, our drains are clogged and dirt will be sent back to us. It will be worse in the rainy season", protested President of fokontany (Editor's note: administrative subdivision basic Malagasy area or sector).

Antso Rajaona

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