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Madagascar: The deputies reject the proposed legislation about creating a special tribunal against rosewood trafficking

While the Malagasy Prime Minister Jean Ravelonarivo, had reaffirmed in late April his determination to fight frontally against the rosewood trafficking that plagues the Island with the establishment of a special tribunal, the legislation for this purpose from the Minister of the Environment has most recently been rejected by the deputies.
Deputies of the North of the Island have thus opposed to this proposed legislation which accordind to them would have put on the Index their region by the "stigmatising" it. They also explain that the legal arsenal already exists to fight rosewood trafficking in the country.
On a reminder note, rosewood, a protected species in danger of extinction, is at the heart of a prohibited traffic to Asia. Traffickers exploit a lucrative parallel market where a kilo of the precious wood is sold at around 500 dollar.
The order of 8 August 2011 already severely sanctions people involved in the illegal trade in rosewood in the Island.


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