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Madagascar: The business climate in 2013 sealed by the last year of the Transition Plan

According to the latest figures of the National Malagasy statistic institute (Instat), the tense political situation of 2013 with the indecisiveness of the authorities in power around the effective holding of the presidential election and the legislative elections in Madagascar to end the regime of Transition (2009-2013) has heavily affected the creation of companies in the island.
In all sectors of activity, 977 businesses in vast majority of small structures have been created in 2010, 21.431 in 2011, 22.019 in 2012 and only 13.118 last year.
Economists explain this increase in small business in the early years of the regime of the Transition by an increase of the unemployment rate and the excitement locally by microfinance institutions.
Subsequently in 2013, the crisis at the top of the State and between the different actors of the Malagasy political spectrum as well as the fear of a long period of non-conducive to investments institutional instability has discouraged contractors to engage economically, as the newspaper Les Nouvelles of the Madagascar relates.

Antso Rajaona

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