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Madagascar: The broken dyke of Andromba threatens the drinking water supply of local

The Jirama Company in charge of serving water to Madagascar worries about the breaking of the dyke of in Andromba at Antaramanana that broke about ten meters in the center of the Big Island, following the passage of the cyclone Haruna on February 22.
The lake of Vontovorona flowed largely in the adjoining river and the water level has dropped considerably on site, threatening to end the drinking water supply of cities of Fenoarivo Vontovorona.
"The level of the lake has decreased because water is thrown into the river after the dam break ... We should have a stock of water, especially during the dry season, to avoid supply disruption drinking water to the population surrounding the lake",said the technician of Jirama questioned by
For the moment, no water cut was recorded in the cities concerned, but for weeks and months to come the situation may be difficult in terms of regular service in drinking water for households subscribers of JIRAMA to Fenoarivo and Vontovorona.
The agricultural lands that produce maize and cassava on the outskirts of Fenoarivo were also flooded with water.
Of rice fields in the same area affected also suffered the consequences of the breach of the dyke of to Andromba Antaramanana.

Antso Rajaona

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