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Madagascar: The World Food Program wants to fight against child malnutrition in the south of the Island

Acute malnutrition in the South of Madagascar which is hitting hard youngsters strongly concern the World Food Programme (WFP). Since the end of last week, WFP thus distributes a new nutritional supplement to fight against the high infant mortality rate with a program that will be rolled out over three months.
Approximately 15,000 children in the districts of Betioky, Beloha and Bekily, aged between 6 and 23 months will be fed with this nutritional supplement made of milk powder, peanuts, vegetable oil, sugar and a vitamin mix and minerals.
As a reminder, a large-scale health study conducted in 2009 had highlighted the alarming malnutrition among young children in Madagascar.
Chronic child malnutrition which affects more than half of the children aged 6 to 23 months and which causes stunted growth in children concerned.


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