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Madagascar: The Malagasy presidency confirms that Marc Ravalomanana will not be expelled from the island

While the former Malagasy president is placed under house arrested on the side of Amirauté at Diego Suarez in the North of Madagascar, the authorities play on their side the card of appeasement, and this despite the comeback without consultation of Marc Ravalomanana in his country during the night of Sunday to Monday, a week ago.
The former president disposed in 2009 will be convicted to participate in the measures of national reconciliation wanted by the current power.
«The former Malagasy president, Marc Ravalomanana, under house arrest since his comeback in the country, will not be expelled and will be invited to participate in the national reconciliation measures. We are not a country which will exile or expel its own citizens. It’s not at all in our mentality. He is here and we hope that M. Ravalomanana involves to the measures of national reconciliation” precised this weekend the director of cabinet of the Malagasy presidency, Henry Rabary-Njaka, as reports the site
This Saturday, a gathering of some 200 to 300 supporters of the former President Marc Ravalomanana was dispersed in the heart of Tananarive by security forces with tear gas.

Antso Rajaona

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