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Madagascar: The Green Party behind Jean-Louis Robinson for the second round of presidential elections

Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa, Malagasy candidate of the Greens in the first round of the presidential election and who has obtained 4.52% of the votes cast, or 202.956 votes, has formalized this weekend its support to Jean-Louis Robinson,
supported by the movement Ravalomanana and arrived at the top of the poll with a score of 21.16% with 949.987 voice that is worn on his name.

"We choose to support the candidate Jean-Louis Robinson, one whose ideas are closest to those of our party," said the leader of the Malagasy environmentalist, Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa party, while specifying be on the same wavelength about the need for a "good governance in the management of the Affairs of the State" and that of environmental resources.

An electoral support and a call to vote Jean-Louis Robinson which is nevertheless   valid for the presidential elections and not for the legislative elections which will be held in December 20 at the same time as the second round of the presidential election as the Green Party will present no less than 142 candidates under its banner.

"Our alliance is for the presidential. If we want to implement effective environmental governance, we must be in the executive," said Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa, as related by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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