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Madagascar: Taxi drivers of Tananarive deprived of space reserved for parking?

On the May 13 in Tananarive and all the Malagasy capital, the car parks square reserved for taxi drivers have given way to pay parking.
The recent measures taken by the urban community of Tananarive since more than a week irritates professionals who do not understand such a grotesque situation and denounce a real aberration.
These last just as motorists must now pay a sum of 200 ariary * time to park their professional vehicle, as reported in the Midi Madagasikara site.
"The panels have been sawed indicating the beginning and the end of parking which were reserved for us. That is what makes us taxis-city if we don't even own any parking in this city. Are we obligated to pay money every day while we are already fulfilling our right to 7,200 parking ariary every three months at the landfill? ", railed the spokesman of taxi drivers of Analakely.
On the side of the municipal authorities, it was explained that parking lots reserved for taxis still exist in the Malagasy capital, but that they were simply displaced...
* One euro roughly equivalent to 3.360 ariary

Antso Rajaona

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