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Madagascar: Tananarive students and the university faculty protest against the creation of a golf on campus

Students of Ankatso campus, alongside University teachers, as well as the technical and administrative staff, demonstrated on Saturday against the establishment on the campus of a golf of 39 hectares on the 50 hectares of the University of Tananarive.

Professor Panja Ramanoelina, president of the University of Tananarive has warned that the strong mobilization of all stakeholders in the Ankatso of T University Tananarive will not cease so long as the heritage of the University will be threatened by this project initiated by private developers, who want to beautify the pedagogical surface of the campus, by way of a ministerial order which allows them to initiate construction work as relates the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

"There are existing buildings that are not affected by this project. In this case, the University of Tananarive will no longer be able to consider an extension of buildings nor classrooms if this project materialized", also denounced an official heritage of the University of Tananarive.
The Board of Directors of the University of Tananarive has already twice rejected the project in 2011 and in 2012 and the State Council to the Supreme Court also ordered that on May 17 to suspend temporarily the work.
Decisions that have not however prevented according to those who oppose golf on the campus of Tananarive, the planting of 72 terminals built by surveyors on 39 hectares to accommodate the controversial project.

Antso Rajaona

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