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Madagascar: Swarms of migratory locusts on the outskirts of Tananarive

After having devastated plantations in the vicinity of the town of Miandri­vazo in late March, in the center-west of Madagascar, several locust swarms were located on the outskirts of Tananarive.
Rural municipalities of Soalandy in Atsimondrano and Bongatsara, near Amboanjobe have thus been affected early in the week by the massive arrival of these locusts on almost 25 hectares, as indicated in the Midi Madagasikara newspaper.
As a reminder, the national locust control Committee (NACC) has processed, since the launching of the locust campaign in the island last October, more than 420,000 hectares on the two million hectares of areas infested by locusts.
Swarms of migratory locusts since April 2012 caused particular damage on plantations of corn, rice and other cereal crops, with several regions of Madagascar that have been ravaged to almost 70% after their passage of the swarms.

Antso Rajaona

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