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Madagascar: Survey on the consumption of meat of lemurs and turtles in the island

Madagascar Voakajy association, founded in May 2005, to defend the natural ecosystems, habitats and species of the island has published in its annual report a comprehensive state of play on the consumption of meat, lemurs and turtles on four known sites (massif forest of Ankerana, Lakato rural municipality, city of Toliara and the protected area of Mangabe) for their exceptional diversity.

The surveys made by local populations have identified 31 species hunted and eaten by the inhabitants of the massif Ankerana, including the lemur Varecia bariegata, Avahi laniger, greyish Hapalemur and Tenrec ecaudatus.
On the rural commune of Lakato, the research highlighted at least eight species of lemur suffer the same fate as the Simpona, the Indri indri, the Kotreka, or the Varika.
19 traps for lemurs in the protected area of Mangabe were found whose six having already made their gruesome work.

On the side of the city of Tulear, tortoise meat consumption was also recorded from the tortoise shells.
791 shells were thus enumerated in the heart of household deposits.
From February to December 2012, 118 shells of the Chelonia mydas species were also listed in the shops of souvenirs with prices ranging from 30,000 ariary (9.93 euros) to 40,000 ariary (13.25 euros).

Stuffed sea turtles have been selling between 50,000 ariarys (16.56 euros) to 80,000 ariarys (26.89 euros) in the heart of the artisan market of Tulear.
Consumption of turtle meat is a common phenomenon during the year, but growing strongly at times of celebration in Madagascar, as related by the newspaper Les Nouvelles of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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