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Madagascar: Strong programmed increase of the kilowatt of electricity

While electric service of the Malagasy public network undergoes numerous power cuts across the country and that the JIRAMA in charge of supplying power to Malagasy households is facing recurring financial problems, the price of electricity per kilowatt should rise sharply in the near future and from 360 ariarys to 664 * ariarys.
For the Minister of Energy, Gatien Horace, Jirama can no longer produce at a loss and accentuate a chronic deficit. The Malagasy authorities also plan on their side to inject at least 400 billion ariary to support the public company in restoring order in its finances.
As a reminder, Madagascar is subject to an average of 624 hours of load shedding of electricity per year, that is, 26 days in total. Power cuts occur on average for 8 hours, and about 78 times annually in the wake of the financial difficulties of Jirama in charge of serving the public network.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 3.076 ariarys


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