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Madagascar: Start of the bushfires season, hundreds fire outbreaks

The bushfire season has just started and not less than a hundred fire outbreaks already gnawing the Malagasy forests, especially on the west coast of the Big Island, within the regions and Melaky Menabe.

However the means to fight are insignificant to combat against the rapid spread of the flames, as in the areas affected by the fires it is the customary law governing the logistics field.

The lack of substantial financial resources, awareness against this major threat to the Big Island is made through the local radio stations that broadcast prevention messages to the public.
Inefficient awareness over the long term since the bushfires have multiplied in recent years, with a recorded peak of more than 15,000 outbreaks in September 2011, according to Terra and Aqua satellite data from the National Aeronautics Administration and space Administration (NASA).
Bushfires also dry up sources. A hundred of them have disappeared in recent years, as shown in the site

Antso Rajaona

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