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Madagascar St. Mary Island: The treasure of Captain Kidd, a false story according to UNESCO

Last May, the American explorer Barry Clifford announced having discovered in the waters of the coastal island of Santa Maria located east of the Great Island, a silver ingot weighing 45 kg and that he had hastened to give the Malagasy President happily that underwater archeology he had found for Madagascar.
The ingot alleged to have belonged to the treasure of the famous Captain Kidd and cameras had captured the incredible discovery. But according to UNESCO, the ingot studied by experts in June would consist of 95% lead and after wreck supposed to be part of the Adventure Galley would in fact be just a piece of the old port facilities of St. Mary island.
In 2014, the American explorer claimed to have located in Haiti on Columbus's ship, the Santa Maria, which UNESCO experts had refuted evidence to support thereafter.


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