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Madagascar: Some prisoners handcuffed and transported by taxi with other passengers

To cope with the severe lack of resources, the prison administration has sometimes use taxis to transport inmates leaving the Court House towards the prison.
A practice now common in Madagascar, which does not seem to offend anyone, even if the populations fear for their safety. Prisoners are handcuffed and guarded by prison guards in the midst of the other passengers, as
"It could be that the car of the prison administration of Antanimora might be broken down hence we vehiculate the defendants and detainees by taxi. Anyway, this means of transport is a common practice since the 90s", explained Tovonjanahary Andriamaroahina Ranaivo, Director General of the prison Service.

The transportation of prisoners by collective taxi which is used for the least dangerous defendants judged by the administration and which has however experienced repercussions failures, with the flight of some prisoners during transfer with this procedure.

"Prison officials are forced to bring the accused to the Parquet while the means are sometimes lacking. But this practice is used only if the prison officers are sure to control the detainees", concludes Tovonjanahary Andriamaroahina Ranaivo.

Antso Rajaona

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