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Madagascar: Soc turtles threatened by traffickers

The trafficking of animals abroad are in full swing since 2009 in Madagascar following the political events that have weakened the institutions and allowed the development of the activity of traffickers.

In the viewfinder of traffickers including soc turtles, species threatened with extinction which is listed only in the Northwest of the island in the forests of the Baie of Baly.
Soc turtles are thus victims of a fierce poaching in Asia for the most part, underscored by Radio France International.

Since 2012, 80 turtles plow on 400 individuals living in the wild were captured and sent to the Malagasy borders and in a breeding site run by the nongovernmental organization Durrell.
Richard Lewis, director of the NGO Durrell describes a well-structured national and international traffic.

"It is organized as drug trafficking, that is to say that traffickers themselves do not directly transport the animals, they use mules, they are always intermediate, and it is those who are being in prison. Traffickers are never brought to justice, "said the director of the NGO Durrell.

Antso Rajaona

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