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Madagascar: She gave birth before being imprisoned

A young woman of 20 years, attempted to try her luck elsewhere in order to have a better life. The latter left Madagascar in November 2012 for Kuwait and will find a job as a maid in a big house for a salary of 400,000 ariary (Malagasy currency). A month later, she discovered that she was pregnant.
But once in Kuwait, she had to continue working for 21 hours per day and this, without being paid.
According to the young woman, her pregnancy was two months before her departure from the country, despite the result of the test proved to be negative, as indicated in the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
Seven months of pregnancy, while she had pain, another servant, native of the Philippines would have brought her to the hospital. She had to give birth to twins, but one reportedly died after being put in incubators.
After two weeks of hospitalization, police would have shipped the young woman and her baby without explanations.
The young Malagasy was detained for eight months with her baby and in the company of some forty of her compatriots. Her incarceration would be due to its irregular situation because her papers had been confiscated by her boss. She stated that she could not breastfeed her baby due to a malnutrition. The latter would have used hot water from the washroom of the Kuwaiti prison to prepare her baby's bottle.
The International Red Cross has helped to repatriate the young woman and her baby as well as eight other women and four children in Madagascar.

Zara Rasamoelina

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