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Madagascar: Serious collective poisoning with Jatropha nuts for some twenty young children in Tananarive

26 people including a large majority of schoolchildren, the neighbourhood of Ampefiloha Ambo­dirano in Tananarive, were poisoned in mid last week, after consuming nuts of Jatropha picked up on ground in a private property after several shrubs were cut.
The children then shared toxic Jatropha nuts to other playmates.
After a few hours, people who have tasted the nuts have been taken by violent vomiting and chronic diarrhea.
Quickly admitted in emergency to the hospital of Ampefiloha, victims were quickly treated and their state of health inspires today no more concern in the medical corps, according to the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
As a reminder, the non-edible Jatropha plant produces large amount of the curcine or curcasine, dangerous toxic close to ricin.

Antso Rajaona

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