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Madagascar: Rosewood traffic on the rise in Northeastern of the Island

Madagascar, the environmental protection organizations are currently being alarmist and challenge the authorities. They highlight an increasing number of rosewood trafficking in the Island, while in some parts of the forest the species is highly endangered.
For some weeks several ships were observed again off the coast to North East of Madagascar, where the traffic is in full swing. The situation on the ground is particularly worrying in the Maroantsetra District in this region of traffic with rosewood which is the victim of a pillage.
As a reminder, rosewood, a protected species in danger of extinction, lies at the heart of a prohibited traffic to Asia. Traffickers exploit a lucrative black market where a kilo of the precious wood is sold at around 500 dollars.
A decree issued March 31 2010 in Madagascar prohibits the cutting and commerce of rosewood and ebony. The ordinance of August 8, 2011 also severely punishes those involved in the illegal trade in rosewood in the Island.


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