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Madagascar: Release of a book on marine biodiversity of the Big Island

Madagascar: Release of a book on marine biodiversity of the Big Island
The book "Guide to the marine biodiversity of Madagascar" for all public and especially to fans was written under the pen of the Brittany, Andrew Cooke, accompanied by beautiful pictures of the submarine of Jürg Brand.
This work of goldsmiths in the field, highlighting the marine biodiversity of Madagascar decrypted in its details, a complete guide book of 172 pages on glossy paper.
The book puts the spotlight on the 6,000 kilometers of Malagasy coastline and unknown universe.
"Our goal was to ensure that the guide is also read by those who are not necessarily scientists or biologists", said Andrew Cooke to the site, at the official launch of this bible on a topic however wide between mangroves and coral reefs of Madagascar.
"The size and location of Madagascar in the tropical western Indian Ocean make it an important regional center of marine biodiversity", says the author.
The book is segmented into three main themes, marine ecosystems and marine biodiversity of Madagascar, and then the classification of the marine life in the middle, and finally the last part is devoted to protect marine species of the Big Island.

Antso Rajaona

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