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Madagascar: Recording of zebus individually to stem the sale of stolen livestock

Madagascar: Recording of zebus individually to stem the sale of stolen livestock
While the thieves of zebus (dahalo) heavily armed increasing flights in herds of cattle in Madagascar, with more than 20,000 oxen stolen within 6 months at the four corners of the island, the Ministry of livestock announced the establishment of a new system of filing individual cattle, and this, in an attempt to stop the illegal sale of stolen livestock.
So now a hologram will indicate the origin and the owner of the zebu as well as vaccination of the animal.
"The goal is to improve the marketing of cattle, to improve the traceability of cattle in transaction and to simplify the procedure of sale", said at the site of Radio France International, Jean-Michel Rakoto holding the position of Director of animal resources in the Ministry of livestock.

The Malagasy authorities are considering also the restructuring of any beef sector of the country, with a production that will be regulated with the creation of cattle ranches in Madagascar.
"We will create cattle ranches. We have already identified all potential regions. So these are ranches of 20,000 hectares and it takes 30. Therefore its 600,000 hectares of ranches for private investors", says Jean-Michel Rakoto.
Of the farms of Zebu that however will emerge only after the end of the political crisis that has plagued currently the island and the providential return of the international donors in the wake of the next presidential poll closed.

To recap, the zebu theft comes from old Malagasy traditional customs still strongly implanted in the hinterland of the island.
Symbolically representing virility before the wedding, the Mafia gangs have thus diverted from its original meaning, replacing it with a very lucrative criminal trade.

Antso Rajaona

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