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Madagascar: Protocol of fisheries agreement between the European Union and the island

A protocol of agreement on tuna fishing and related species was recently signed between the European Union and Madagascar for four years from 2015 to 2018.
The Protocol Agreement assigns the authorisation to a maximum of 40 seine boats and boats 54 surface longliners belonging to the European Union ship owners operating in Malagasy waters.
The Malagasy authorities benefit from financial compensation, with payments over the period of approximately 6.107.500 euros, i.e. approximately 19.5 billion ariary, as indicated in the Malagasy newspaper Courrier.
The Protocol of agreement to support the sustainable exploitation of fishery resources in Malagasy waters.
The Protocol also highlights measures promoting better monitoring of the deployment of the EU fleet in the territorial waters of Madagascar, namely the survey of fishing catches and recorded activities of each quarter, as well as the conditions of daily electronic sending of data from fisheries carried out on operating areas.
Moreover, the ban on catches of the most threatened shark species has been confirmed, while authorised species of shark are subject on their side to a strict framework with a maximum limit of 250 tons per year.

Antso Rajaona

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