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Madagascar: Prime Minister, Roger Kolo, against the possibility of a Government reshuffle

Malagasy Prime Minister Roger Kolo
Malagasy Prime Minister Roger Kolo
While the Malagasy press and political analysts of the island with insistence for several days the possibility of a Government reshuffle in Madagascar, the Prime Minister Roger Kolo on the spot according to some observers has clarified things pointing out that "it is inappropriate" and "that it is impossible to repair the damage caused by five years of crisis in 4 months".
Roger Kolo has also put forward that the political stability of the country is being watched very closely by the funders of the big island before any unblocking aid, as newspaper Courrier of Madagascar.
Same story for councilors Hery Rajaonarimampianina, as reported by the newspaper L'Express de Madagascar. "I have not for the moment got wind of this issue, like most people, it's the press that I am watching," said Rachidy Mohamed, special advisor to the President of Madagascar. "So far he (Editor's note: President Hery Rajaonarimampianina) has not informed us of such an intention," also added Jean Eugène Voninahitsy, special adviser to the president.
As a reminder, under the terms of paragraph 2 and 3 of article 54 of the Constitution of Madagascar, President "puts an end to the functions of the Prime Minister, either by the presentation of the resignation of the Government, or in the event of serious misconduct or failure manifests... On proposal of the Prime Minister, he appoints members of the Government and put an end to their function".

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