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Madagascar: Police dismantle Malagasy workers, abused victims in Saudi Arabia

The Great Island police recently terminated the actions of a network that sent twenty-five young Malagasy nationals in Saudi Arabia for a stay in hell. Three suspects were arrested and detained.
The ringleader was a Yemeni national also with Swedish nationality. He managed this sector with two female accomplices who acted as “rabatteuses”. Volunteers normally minor at first and left the country with false identity papers and were to join the so-called Tanzania to work in luxury shops.
But in the end, they were taken constraints in Saudi Arabia to work as domestic servants, daily and real slaves were victims of physical and mental abuse.
Remember, despite the official ban since August 2013 sending Malagasy workers in the Gulf countries, workers are using channels Tanzania as a transit country and then send young women in search of El Dorado to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


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