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Madagascar: Next meeting of funders in Tananarive to discuss about food security in the Southern Madagascar

A meeting of funders on food security in Madagascar is programmed in Tananarive on 19 and 20 next-February. Madagascar's agricultural sector will be particularly the central to the arguments.
The extreme south of the country is currently undergoing a severe drought. Famine locally called kéré thus threat the food security of about 200,000 inhabitants in this part of the Island.
The Anosy regions (Amboasary South) and Androy (Beloha, Tsihombe and Bekily) are particularly affected. About ten deaths from kéré have already been identified. Some people eat cactus and tamarinds to fight against hunger. The local press has reported for its part more than 100 dead. Some families are thus ashamed to admit the real cause of the death (s) of their close ones(s).
As a reminder, Madagascar had not experienced such drought in six years. The last rain was recorded in September 2014.


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