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Madagascar: Massive vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis in the north of the Island in mid-December

A possible epidemic outbreak of the poliomyelitis virus in the Ananalava region in the North of Madagascar has recently been identified by the health authorities.
A 3 years old girl has been paralysed by the disease. Three other people have been proved positive to the contagious disease without having suffered so far of serious corporal effects.
Since 2011, they are the first cases of poliomyelitis to be identified in the Island.
To curb any propagation of the virus on a larger scale, a vast awareness campaign will be conducted in of Madagascar by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Six regions around the site of infection will be concerned by massive vaccinations in mid-December. 950,000 Malagasy children should thus be vaccinated.

Umee Ruhomally

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