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Madagascar: Marche Blanche in honor of the young assassinated student

A Marche Blanche took place last Friday in honor of a 16 years student, savagely murdered on the campus of Antananarivo after an attempted rape in mid-January.
2000 protesters consisting of the victim's family, teachers, administrative staff and students have called for better security within and around the University of Ankatso in Antananarivo as
"The University of Antananarivo previously had a" University Police ", these security elements must be restored provided with a special outfit to monitor the campus", said Armand Rasoamiaramanana, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Sciences.
For Deborah Karen Benja, at the initiative this march with other students, the mobilization will continue on the field as long as practical solutions will not be made to eradicate insecurity at the University of Ankatso in Antananarivo. "If the authorities do not provide practical solutions to this problem, we will continue to protest. Because students are infuriated by the four rapes reported since 2010, and discovery of the lifeless body in addition to complaints of pick pocketing", she said.
The cortege was subsequently dislocated at the end of about twenty minutes after the faintness of the young strangled student’s cousin, while the protesters were approaching the crime scene where white flowers were deposited.

Antso Rajaona

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