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Madagascar: Marc Ravalomanana explained his support for candidate Jean-Louis Robinson

Madagascar: Marc Ravalomanana explained his support for candidate Jean-Louis Robinson
After the disqualification of Lalao Ravalomanana by the electoral Special Court (CES) of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana into exile in South Africa and his wife in the island involved for the October 25 presidential poll, to support the candidature of Jean-Louis Robinson, former Minister of Sports and health.

The former Madagascan President Marc Ravalomanana, has explained this choice and continue despite the distance that separates him from his native land to mobilize its supporters around Dr. Jean-Louis Robinson Avana from the party, as shown in the Site

"He is a simple man. He talks with everyone. He has humility and courage. Dr. Jean Louis Robinson has a development strategy allowing it to recover the country as soon as possible. He also sense of leadership. It is effective because at the time we were able to vaccinate 3 million children a year. Dr. Jean Louis Robinson is also recognized internationally, in particular the international organizations working in the field of health, "said Marc Ravalomanana who does not forget to take a picnic to pass against the international community evoking elections that violate the Roadmap.

"We need a president accepted by everyone and by the international community. This president, Jean Louis Robinson," strongly supports the former president of Madagascar stripped of
his presidential power in 2009.

For his part, Jean-Louis Robinson had said early in the campaign that his electoral program for the Malagasy people will draw heavily on the policy initiated by Marc Ravalomanana with a new version of the old Madagascar Action Plan (MAP).

As a reminder, with no official candidate to represent the movement, Marc Ravalomanana had provided support to Jean-Louis Robinson, despite pressure from some supporters in the island, which initially did not want to support any candidate for Malagasy presidential election.

Marc Ravalomanana, however, conditioned its support for candidate Jean-Louis Robinson on his return to Madagascar, as related by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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