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Madagascar: Malagasy vanilla shunned by European markets

Madagascar: Malagasy vanilla shunned by European markets
Green gold chain in Madagascar undergoes the net slowdown in demand of Madagascar vanilla export with a superior offer currently scheduled particularly European markets.

The kilo is now approximately 70,000 ariarys (23 euros) against 120,000 ariarys (40 euros) in 2012.

If the situation continues, prices will keep falling and industry professionals are worried already of the negative impact in the short and medium term, on the entire industry in the island, with a period of export in full swing from September to April and prices typically reach a peak in October.

Two reasons explain this disaffection of the market for Madagascar vanilla, the poor quality of the production of this year due to a process of drying and conditioning victims of a fungus that attacks the pods, and especially the vanillas plan for the year 2014 exceptional production with no less than 2,000 tons exportable, as relates the newspaper L'Express de Madagascar.

As a reminder, Madagascar produces 60% of vanilla exported to the four corners of the planet.

Between 1,200 and 1,500 tons of cloves are harvested annually, but this year production is in decline, about 30% at around 900 tons.

80,000 growers in Madagascar gain their living from these Orchid fertilized manually intensive culture. 
A cottage industry employing in large plantations in the North of the island, in the heart of tropical wet, cheap labour.

Antso Rajaona

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