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Madagascar: Malagasy students more and more likely to complete primary

According to the latest survey of the Agency's monitoring of the objectives of the Millennium Development (ENSOMD), students who have finished their primary in 2012 curriculum are increasingly more, with a rise of 22% from 47% in 2004 to 69% in 2012. This increase in school attendance hit particularly cities and especially girls.
In addition, the literacy rate of adolescents over 15 years has followed the same trend, to the year to 71.6% last year so that in 2004 the rate was approximately 59.2%.
As a reminder, 88.89% of schoolchildren have also won their review of primary education (SBEC) last year against 90, 07% of students for the year 2012.
Success at the BEPC rate was 43.47% in 2013 compared to 41% the previous year and baccalaureate increased from 48, 16 to 47.59% on the same period, according to the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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