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Madagascar: Malagasy researcher wants to turn seawater into drinking water through the construction of a nuclear power plant

A Malagasy researcher, Dr. Wilfrid Chrysante Solofoarisina, explained on Monday in Tananarive that according to him uranium produced by a nuclear plan can turn sea water into drinking water, on the sidelines of discussions around African regional agreement for research and training in the field of nuclear science and technology.

"The nuclear power plant generates heat, which will heat the sea. When the oil is heated, salt and other elements opposing the production of drinking water emerge and thus water remains,” explains a researcher who wants to solve the problem of drinking water of millions of Malagasy.

Dr. Wilfrid Chrysante Solofoarisina seriously urge the authorities to consider the creation of a nuclear power plant in Madagascar despite significant financial investments.
For the Malagasy researcher, uranium that soils of the island is already available, as relates the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

According to researchers at the national Institute of sciences and nuclear technologies (INSTN) which adhere to the project, the level of water resources in Madagascar plummets over the years and a lasting alternative solution must be found in the next 30 years.

Antso Rajaona

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