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Madagascar: Malagasy litchis export campaign starts on Monday

The export season of the Malagasy litchi to Europe began in the island starts on Monday.
 It is the entire local industry of the juicy red fruit which begins to prepare in the excitement for this New Year 2013-2014.
16,000 tons of litchi estimates are thus intended for European export and especially with the first arrivals of litchi in Russia.

A kilo of Malagasy Litchi should thus be locally negotiated between 800 ariary (0.26 euros) and 900 ariary (0.30 euros) in production areas and be sold between 2 and 2.5 euros on the European markets.
With a decrease of the price displayed that allowed to widely penetrate large distribution chains, the Malagasy Litchi has achieved during the last campaign a season on the export markets in Europe.

To recap, the litchi industry was introduced last year in orchards in the region of Tamatave in eastern island, a new species of fruit juicy red hull.
Maximum diameter of 53 mm with a small core, the new Madagascan litchi features superior taste with more sweet flesh to taste.

Features that allow this new variety of litchis from to conquer export markets, with all arguments to seduce clientele.

Antso Rajaona

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