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Madagascar: Lemurs of the island in honour

The International festival of lemurs was officially opened on October 25, at the Tsimbazaza zoo, in the South of Tananarive, to honour the lemurs of Madagascar and to provide assistance to the Malagasy authorities for the protection of the primates.
A statue will soon be erected to highlight these mammals in danger of extinction in the island, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
"Is it not normal to create a statue in honour of lemurs?  They arrived in Madagascar for a hundred million years before the Malagasy. Our island is only 0.4% of the land while it is home to 20% of the species of primates in the world", said Jonah Ratsimbazafy, renowned Malagasy primatologist.
As a reminder, 93 species of primates on 105 are thus threatened with extinction, if nothing is done on a large scale within the Malagasy primary forests for their survival.
Lemurs’ protection plan has been encrypted by an American NGO to some 5.7 million euros of budget over three years.
The plan to implement the protection of their natural habitat associated with the development of ecotourism in Madagascar and in the wake of the fight against the consumption of wild meat.

Zahirah Mungly

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