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Madagascar: Insufficient milk production concern

Since Monday, some 20 technicians from the national Centre for rural development in Madagascar (FOFIFA) dependent of the ministries of National Education and scientific research are currently in training during the last 10 days to increase their specific professional knowledge.
Because the lack of Malagasy milk production, below half of the 100 million annual litres recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture to meet the needs of the population, concerned authorities.
Three reasons are advanced as the origin of the Malagasy Zebu breed, the bad food given to cattle and contrary strategic choices to explain a milk production away from the governmental objectives upstream.

Foreign experts were thus called in reinforcement to provide lessons on bovine reproduction and feeding of the animals.

"Consumption of milk on island is one of the lowest in Africa ... Madagascar has many cattle and despite this abundance, milk production is insufficient. This is partly due to cattle in Madagascar who are unable produce about 5 to 15 liters per day, "said an official at the head of a research project on the subject.

A short term solution could be well implemented to improve the Malagasy bovine breed, with the introduction of artificial insemination, according to the newspaper Les Nouvelles of the Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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