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Madagascar: Insecurity in the island decrypted in a survey

The last survey of the Afrobarometre on crime and insecurity in Madagascar for the period 2011 to 2013 indicates worrying data.
84% of the Malagasy people reside in communities where no dam police or army is deployed. Police and military patrols are saying the same thing.
The lack of human and material resources vested in public security missions is thus underlined in this survey.

The Afrobarometer also reports that Malagasy police secures 3,000 inhabitants against three police officers per 1,000 inhabitants according to the standards applied internationally.
4 Malagasy in 10 say it is difficult to call the police for any intervention.
1 in 4 does not also have a police station area around his residence.

And only a quarter of victims of thefts or assault report the facts to the police, as relates the newspaper Couririer of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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