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Madagascar: Increase in price of the bag of charcoal

Charcoal household is used as an energy source for most Malagasy households located in urban areas.
In recent days, the price of the bag of charcoal is passed from 12,000 ariary (3.84 euro) 15,000 ariary (4.81euros) due to the increase in transportation costs of professionals who carry coal-producing regions to the cities and who take the roads in poor condition in the wake of past weather which affected Madagascar.
 Retailers have thus reflected this increase to customers at the end of string.
"For the moment we cannot do otherwise than to reduce our consumption based on market prices," laments a mother concerned about the sudden surge in prices.
As a reminder, the average household consumption is estimated monthly basis two bags of charcoal, or between 60 and 70 kilos of charcoal.
Household demand for charcoal notably tripled over the last thirty years, which has caused massive deforestation of the natural environment, as shown in the Le Courier newspaper of Madagascar.
Heating coal today is the only source of energy available in the countryside and charcoal remains the main source of energy of the urban centres of the island.

Antso Rajaona

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