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Madagascar: Heavy providential rain beneficial for the rice sector

Madagascar: Heavy providential rain beneficial for the rice sector
The heavy rainfalls that fell for several days in the Alaotra-Mangoro region in Toamasina province, to the East of Madagascar have restored the smile to local farmers.

 The providential rain recorded, if they persist in the long term, will save the crops of a region of Aloatra Mangaro that can produce in a single season over 340,000 tons of rice, more than 50,000 hectares of irrigated rice fields, or 10% of the Malagasy production.  

The rainfall deficit, which has lasted since the beginning of the month of December, threatened the rice sector with rice planted in the land that started to dry up, germs at the mercy of the blazing sun.  
"Makalioka" rice used in rice fields is a variety of long cycle, resulting in a necessary supply of water for a long time.

The effects of climate change in the region, with rain arriving increasingly later during the austral summer, encourage the agronomists to study the introduction of a seed with a shorter maturity cycle.

Antso Rajaona

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