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Madagascar: Free Operations of circumcision in a disadvantaged area of Tananarive

40 boys underwent last weekend in Isotry, a district of the capital Tananarive, a free operation aimed at the total or partial removal of their foreskin as Malagasy ancestral customs require.

Municipal authorities and the various partners involved in this social action want to help needy families to pay high medical costs related to the surgical Act of circumcision in the island, which is about according to different private firms between 30,000 and 100,000 ariary * the operation, according to the newspaper Les Nouvelles of Madagascar.
Circumcision operations should continue until the first week of September in six districts of Tananarive.
As a reminder for the quasi-totality of the Madagascan, a man who is not circumcised is not fully considered a real man, no woman will married him, and once dead he doesn't have the right to be exhumed in the family grave.
The final objective of circumcision is thus the boy becomes a man, cleaning of the impurity of his birth.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 3.360 ariary

Antso Rajaona

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