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Madagascar: Four ‘passeurs’ who wanted to take 18 illegal under the locks in Mayotte

Eighteen illegal Malagasy who were about to board a makeshift vessel to reach the coast of Mayotte were arrested in the middle of last week by the police officers at the borders on the coastal island of Nosy Be in the North West Great Island.
Four suspects have been jailed over the weekend after their presentation to the floor. A woman detained and the head end and had requested more than 2 million ariary ( 554 euros) for voluntary passenger Mayotte Eldorado.
The owner of the boat and the boat captain and another accomplice also slept in prison. The boat had shipped some three tons of fuel to attempt the perilous crossing.
According to the first elements of the investigation, Mayotte, expected to find an illegal job for 1,000 euros monthly.


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