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Madagascar: Former president, Marc Ravalomanana, is not afraid to be tried by a court upon his return in the island

The former Malagasy president deposed and exiled since 2009 in South Africa, Marc Ravalomanana
The former Malagasy president deposed and exiled since 2009 in South Africa, Marc Ravalomanana
While the South African Ambassador in Madagascar, Gert Johannes Grobler, confirmed that discussions are underway between the African Union, SADC (1), South Africa and the Government of Madagascar on the possible return in the island of the former President ousted and exiled since 2009 in South Africa, Marc Ravalomanana recently publicly said that it is fully prepared to respond to the justice of his country.
The Malagasy Foreign Minister Khai Lala Razafitrimo, stated about the return of Marc Ravalomanana in Madagascar that "no one is above the law".
"I'm ready. This is why I appointed the lawyer Désiré Randrianarivelo to represent me in all trials involving me... I'm not afraid to return to Madagascar and to introduce myself, if necessary, with a court able to judge me," explained Marc Ravalomanana to his supporters during a telephone intervention.
Former Malagasy president also stated that he made the filing last Wednesday to the Embassy of Madagascar of Pretoriao of "a second request for passes without passport", as reported by the Midi Madagasikara newspaper.
"Last Wednesday at 3 pm, day of the meeting of the GIS-M (2) in Tananarive and following the statements of the Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs, I have tabled another request for passes at the Embassy of Madagascar in Pretoria. I am waiting for this pass. It is the evidence I want to return to Madagascar", he argued, before specifying that upon his arrival in the island, "it will bring peace and development to the country."
As a reminder, in March, the Attorney general to the Court of appeal had also recalled that Marc Ravalomanana should be arrested once he will be back in Madagascar.
Recognised guilty of murder and complicity of murders on August 28, 2010, by the Court of Tananarive, Marc Ravalomanana was sentenced in absentia to hard labour in perpetuity for life imprisonment for the death of some 30 demonstrators, on February 7, 2009, outside the Presidential Palace. 
 The pro-Rajoelina demonstrators were coldly shot by the presidential guard of the former Malagasy president, Marc Ravalomanana, according to Malagasy justice who also sentenced two officers in that case. 
(1) Southern African Development Community (SADC)
(2) International Association of support for Madagascar

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